Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation

Line Mechanic Transmission

Please note:
this qualification is currently under review and is expected to be changed by December 2014. The current qualifications listed here are still valid and accessible.

Connexis line mechanic transmission qualifications will enable you to gain registration as a line mechanic in the transmission lines sector. The pathway consists of two qualifications, at Level 2 and 4. Registration is gained with the completion of the Level 4 qualification.

Qualification  Level  Description 
New Zealand Certificate in Electricity Supply (Introductory)

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the Electricity Supply Industry with people who have sufficient knowledge and ability to work safely in the industry at entry level.

It meets the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) safety tuition requirements for a trainee Limited Certificate, which is required for all higher level qualifications in the distribution and transmission sectors.
National Certificate in Electricity Supply Line Mechanic Transmission 4 The Level 4 qualification is the final part of this career path. When you have completed this qualification, you can apply for line mechanic registration with a transmission limitation with the Electrical Workers’ Registration Board.